How do you spend your time?

Does your day give you energy?

What is your day like? Do you love your work? Does it give you energy? Are you accomplishing what you set your sights on? If you are unhappy at work, or feel as though you are not reaching your goals, then you are with 85% of people who hate their jobs, according to a recent gallop poll.

A coach’s role is to partner with you to define what you want to achieve and how you will get there. The client sets the focus and the goals. The coach partners with you to reach those goals. Coaching is confidential, and a certified coach is held to high ethical standards.

So what do you want to be different? Are you at a place in your life where you are seeking to gain clarity to help you move forward? Are you looking for someone to be a sounding board or challenge your ideas to develop a new way of thinking? What do you want to change? If you are seeking professional growth in your career or transition coaching to a new career, give coaching a try.

Toni Taylor, Professional Certified Coach at Coaching Pathway, LLC

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