Educational Coaching and Training

Coaching is about change.  Organizations don’t really change, the people in the organization change.  Organizational change is about the people, relationships and trust within the organization.  Coaching provides the missing piece in the change process to get the desired results.

Professional development must be designed to meet the needs of beginning coaches and experienced coaches taking them from where they are in the coaching continuum to where they need to be as highly effective coaches. The professional development for coaches must include a foundation on how adults learn, relationship and trust building.

My belief is that coaches in education must receive regular coaching (just like their business counterparts) to keep them focused, energized and equipped to coach classroom teachers to increase the learning for all.  Video and live coaching along with data based coaching are a few of the highly successful coaching methods used in our coach training services.

Schools that embrace coaching create a culture where administrators, teachers and students develop positive relationships with each other to change behavior, foster collaboration, creativity and learning. Principals trained in coaching lead their schools using strategic approach to coaching conversations and skills.  This culture supports and provides a safe place for each administrator, teacher and student to be successful.

Can you measure the results of your coaching program? Is your investment worth the cost?  Call us for an evaluation of your program or to add an accountability component.

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