Coaching Pathway provides consulting to organizations in addition to coaching.  Our consulting is just as personalized as our coaching.  Each client is unique and our services are uniquely designed to meet your needs because we listen, explore and think creatively.

Consulting for educational organizations may include: 

  • Video coaching-using video in the classroom for self reflection and school improvement
  • Provide rigorous staff development
  • Conduct a review of the existing coaching program to determine the effectiveness and outcomes
  • Establishing a coaching practice
  • Understand the difference in coaching, mentoring and evaluating
  • Using video to support coaching
  • Using data observations to support coaching
  • Scaffolding coaching conversations
  • Understanding the different dimensions of coaching talk
  • Developing quality coaching practice
  • Leading and sustaining coaching over long term
  • Coaching for learning vs instruction
  • Provide training for existing coaches to move them to the next level on the coaching continuum.
  • Provide administrators or leaders with training on the role and effectiveness of the coach in your organization and the various coaching models.

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Consulting for businesses may include: 

  • Increase employee engagement and motivation
  • Cast a vision for your organization with strategic planning and accountability
  • Goal setting for increased performance
  • Provide leadership training for your organization that includes:
    • Identify work and leadership styles
    • Increase trust and effectiveness of the team
    • Conflict management
    • Learn effective meeting structures and protocols
    • Learn how to raise the level of trust to increase the capacity for change.
  • Educational planning and training for those who lead or facilitate corporate training.
  • Planning leadership retreats to get results

Consulting for churches may include:

  • Visioning with strategic planning, measurement and accountability.
  • Change management
  • How to grow your church
  • Transitions in church leadership
  • Increase trust and effectiveness of your committees
  • Raise the level of trust to increase the capacity for change
  • Training for effective meeting structures and protocols
  • Conflict management
  • Listening sessions with your congregation