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  • What is your 2021 WORD?

    What is your word for 2021?  What is your focus, commitment or anchor word for this year? Choosing a WORD of the year is powerful and carries deep meaning to remind us of who we want to become, and what we want to accomplish.  Your WORD is a motivator or mantra for the year to […]

  • Advance Your Nonprofit Leadership

    Are you a nonprofit leader that finds yourself with a more challenging and isolated role in your organization? Would you like to advance your nonprofit leadership, organizational effectiveness and increase your goal attainment? Coaching in the business world is one of the foremost methods used to develop creative, collaborative leadership in the organization. The nonprofit […]

  • How do you spend your time?

    What is your day like? Do you love your work? Does it give you energy? Are you accomplishing what you set your sights on? If you are unhappy at work, or feel as though you are not reaching your goals, then you are with 85% of people who hate their jobs, according to a recent […]