What is your 2021 WORD?

What is your word for 2021?  What is your focus, commitment or anchor word for this year? Choosing a WORD of the year is powerful and carries deep meaning to remind us of who we want to become, and what we want to accomplish.  Your WORD is a motivator or mantra for the year to guide you when things are tough or going well. 

When you see your WORD, it inspires you, focuses your energy and reminds you of who you want to become.  When I choose a “WORD” for the year it takes on a life of its own. I view life through that lens and gain clarity that will moves me forward.  Your WORD is not like setting a New Year’s Resolution which often get forgotten or even worse, failed.  You cannot fail your WORD. Your WORD is a commitment to a direction, not a resolution that is met or not met.  This is my third year to choose a word. The first year my WORD was “encourage”.  Last year my word was “gratitude” and then when Covid hit, I added a second word, “connection”.  I reflect and pray on my WORD each year. You may find meditation to help as well. So, here we are with a brand-new year upon us, and I want to encourage everyone — reflect and choose your own word for 2021.  What does God call you to this year?  What do you want to learn or stand for?

Steps to choosing your word for 2021:

1. Reflect, pray, mediate – whatever works for you to brainstorm ideas. 

2. Make a written list – not just a mental one.

3. Refine your list down to 2-3 words. Think about them for awhile. See what rises to the top.

4. Choose a word you can commit to all year. Stand for it. Test it out. If it doesn’t work, change it!

5. Go for it.  Share it. Post it.

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